Saturday 2 June 2012

Salzburg here I come!

I am really excited to be going to Austria in August to embark on three weeks of intensive studio practice on Martin Schmidl’s course ‘The Practice of Drawing’ at the Salzburg Academy of Fine Arts. The course is unique in that it puts the Process of Drawing at its core highlighting drawing’s relationship, dependence even, on its earliest material forms and processes. The simple processes and mediums of drawing are an endless source of discovery and finding a course that allows the opportunity to explore drawing for its simple process is a wonderful prospect.

Being a recipient of a grant to study at the Academy means I will have the wonderful opportunity of making new work in response to a new place which will offer me a wealth of new subject matter to explore and an inspiring environment to bounce ideas around in. 
During the residency I will continue to explore the theme of the artist studio and look forward to sharing my practice and ideas with other students through critical enquiry and meaningful discussion and be inspired by the environment of the Academy and the city within which it is located.

Image: Salzburg Academy of Fine Arts (2007 Archive)