Tuesday 17 July 2012

Tacit knowledge

Books / Enjoying reading Richard Sennett’s The Craftsman and his ideas on repetition and practice as integral to the development of skill. In his book, divided into interestingly titled chapters like Hand virtues - At the Fingertip: Truthfulness and Ability: Localize, Question, Open Up, Sennett brilliantly charts the development of specific themes relating to 'the craftsman' and 'the workshop' throughout history, highlighting the value of craft as a way of enriching our lives and changing the way we anchor ourselves in the world around us. 

'You start by sketching, then you do a drawing, then you make a model, and then you go to reality - you go to the site - and then you go back to drawing. You build up a kind of circularity between drawing and making and then back again. You think and you do at the same time. You draw and you make. Drawing . . . is revisited. You do it, you dedo it, and you redo it again.' [Renzo Piano]