Monday 22 November 2010

Don McCullin: Shaped By War

I managed to make it to Bath in time to see DON MCCULLIN: SHAPED BY WAR at the Victoria Art Gallery before the exhibition finished on Sunday. A unique collaboration between McCullin and the Imperial War Museum, this major exhibition contained over 200 photographs, objects, magazines and personal memorabilia, and showed how war has shaped the life of this exceptional British photographer and those across the globe over the last half-century. 

Don McCullin, who shortly celebrates his seventy-fifth birthday, is one of the world's most accalaimed photographers. For more than 50 years his images have shaped our awareness of modern conflict and its consequences. His photographs are hard to look at and even harder to forget. 

A free audio guide was also available, with McCullin giving a tour of the exhibition and revealing the stories behind each picture. The exhibition was very moving and I ended up spending quite a while there, taking it all in. 

Victoria Art Gallery, Bath